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Allow me to explain just how much I fail at life: I adore Ryuk. I'd made a Ryuk costume last year for Otakon 2007. It sucked. Badly. I swore I'd revamp it for Otakon 2008. I forgot about it until June. Suddenly remembered, swore I'd get right on it when I got my next paycheck. Forgot again. Remembered about six days before Otakon, and went into a frantic sugar-fueled frenzy of panicky construction that just may have scared at least one or two of my roommates for life.

It turned out okay, but still personally disappointing on many levels. But I did have fun and could at least take some pride in my work (until I ran into QueenToast in her AWESOME Ryuk costume and had to resist the urge to drop to my knees in adoration right there).

Also, I should not have worn this to the Rave. I don't think I've ever been so overheated in my life, while having too much fun to notice until I nearly passed out. I haven't yet ruled out the possibility of causing some sort of brain damage, and neither have my friends.

... I swear I'll do better for 09.


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R-R-RADICAL I remember seeing you in '08! '09, too, I think. Looks awesome! 8D

viper3636 Dont sweat it... I love your work!