Ukitake Juushiro


I still have a lot of stuff to fix with this costume. Buuuut it won't happen.

The haori needs to be re-hemmed since the white fabric shrunk while the red lining didn't. *Note to self, pre-wash all fabric* And the shirts should also be properly hemmed.

There was also a bit of a headache getting it together the first time I wore it. I didn't have tabi or waraji since they were stuck in the post office the day I wore the costume. I also had to borrow my friend's Akido hakama since I didn't have my own at the time. The first wig I wore died that first day I wore I replaced it with a shiny, beautiful Clover Long from Cosworx that didn't even need to be styled. <3

Other than that, I like it. I wanted to make his swords eventually, Starting with regular zanpakutou and working my way up to his shikkai. I did find a nice Sogyo no Kotowari to use as a base at the dealers hall at ALA 2010...I was gonna sand the whole thing and re-paint it and replace the cord between the swords and add the charms. But yeah...since I won't be wearing him anymore I'm not gonna bother.
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Series Bleach
Character Ukitake Juushiro
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