St@rla as Sister Esther Blanchett

Sister Esther Blanchett

Trinity Blood

White novice uniform

Cosplayer: [email protected]
I'm so happy I finished this costume at time. It was a real challenge to finish it because I had a photoshoot planned and the photographer said he will do the shoot earlier. So, I had 2 days to complete the whole costume.
I worked day and night! At the end my fingers were red of sewing! Fortunatly I had made my rosary for the Queen Esther Costume so, I didn't had to do that.
I couldn't find any suitable patterns for this costume so I had to design my own pattern. Which was very challenging because it was the first time I had to make my own patterns. I took the base from my mums old weddingdress XD By turning it inside out and copying the parts on paper. Then I had to adjust everything. The most difficult part were the sleeves. Because it had to be in one piece, puffy on top and narrow at the ends.

All the details are made of craftfoam. It's light and easy to shape, sew and paint!

Like a friend of mine ever said... Trinity Blood costumes are made to win!

I updated this costume with a brandnew backplate, rosary, ...