Marlessa as Schoolgirl



Cosplayer: Marlessa
I LOVE 'Fatal Frame' (aka 'Zero', aka 'Project Zero')! It's definitely my favorite horror series (with FF II being my favorite horror of all time... and I've played lots of them *__*) and ones of the most precious games overall)

These photos were made mostly 'cause of my desire to capture this fascinating abandoned kindergarten somewhere, with all kinds of creepy horror stuff scattered all around >_< Yeah, all these cute dolls, old (really old, though undamaged) letters and toys were here from the very beginning. I like this place ^______^

Well, these photos turned out to be not so fatal-framish, 'cause FF never had such kind of locations... actually, it has more of 'Silent Hill' feeling about it... oh well, whatever xD The only things these shots have in common with FF are the Camera Obscura and japanese (well... ^^"") schoolgirl >_&lt; Anyway, I like them))

Photos by Kaya~sama;))