Human Resistance Fighter

The Terminator

I've always been a fan of the post apocalyptic looks you could see in movies like The Matrix, Alien 3, and more recently both Terminator: Salvation and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Earlier this year, I tattered up an old BDU jacket I had for a zombie costume and decided I could actually put together that style of costume. I burnt, painted, and then smothered the garment in a product called Fullers Earth to give it that used, gritty look, and then started on the layers. My old brown hoodie was so tattered I couldnt really wear anymore. The zipper having broken didn't help matters. But it looked amazing with the costume. It added a civilian flare to the outfit, showing that the resistance are really just people thrust into this constant battle, using whatever they find. I added an extra layer basically because it looked cool. Yes, I'm a slave to vanity. Though, one of my favorite additions to the costume was taking shoe lace and lacing up the front of the hoodie. Everything about this costume aside from the extra shirt was planned out and has a sort of backstory. The other part I really like is the bracer/sheath for the knife on my arm. I wanted to include the aragorn bracer somewhere on the costume itself and as I was putting it all together, I remembered this rubber trench knife I had laying around and slipped it in, With the one mismatched elbow pad to hold it in, it looked fantastic. This is one of those costumes that cost me next to nothing but I've really just falling in love with.
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Series The Terminator
Character Human Resistance Fighter

A. Saboteur Truth be told, when I first saw this I thought it was a Colonial Marine from the "Alien" series. It is pretty badass, though, so big ups to you for making it!