Hwang Min Yeop

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince



This is just an awesome korean drama and id advise any of you to check it out. I went as my favorite character min yeop


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Created 11 years ago
Series The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
Character Hwang Min Yeop


Simulation One Wow, that's awesome! You seems just like him! And coffee prince is an excellent drama! I loved it!

NaughtsApproach OMG Hwang Min Yeop! you look great! I love Coffee Prince...it is one of my favorite Korean dramas

Creative Genius X3 I was totally not expecting to find a coffee prince cosplay! you have made my day sir! XD Min Yoep is on of my favorite character in this drama

Hoshiyo wha~ a coffee prince cosplay :D I just love that drama! Great job!

Rai3 thanks :) yeah coffee prince is awesome. And hes my fave character for sure.

Hopie I adore Hwang Min Yeop! ^_^ This made me happy for sure~!