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Back in 2003, just after Anime North a friend showed me this game art for a costume he wanted to make for the next year. It was Ragnarok Online, and I fell in love. Although as of yet I haven't played the game, I fell in love with the Rogue almost immediately. To me she just screams attitude and strength. She's my kind of girl. ^_^

Rogue is the costume that I get the most comments and questions about, so I’m going to try to answer as many of the most common ones I can:

The coat is made of tie-dye stretch velvet with a faux fur for the trim, both of which were purchased in the fabric district in downtown Toronto. The velvet was a pretty reasonable price, but the fur was rather expensive, so I only bought ½ a yard. I no longer remember the exact prices for each, but the total cost for both was around $82 CND. My velvet is mostly shades of burgundy and mauve, as I was looking to match the artwork rather than the in game model.

I often get asked what pattern I used, or if I have one I can suggest. The simple answer is no. The complicated answer is that I did not use a commercial pattern for the coat, so therefore I can’t pass on a pattern number. For my own pattern I found a beaten up old robe at Good Will, took it apart and made it into the base of my pattern. For anyone looking for a pattern, I would suggest looking for a fitted coat pattern that has princess seams, so that you can play with getting it really tailored to your shape. It doesn’t have to be a long pattern, since it’s pretty easy to add length to a pattern like that, but getting the right cut along the bust and torso is the most important, otherwise it could look like a sack.

The shorts were found at Good Will for $3, and the fur trim was added while I was bored in my art history class that semester. XD The studded belt was purchased and spray-painted gold. The looped belt was made by harvesting a leather belt for the strap. I replaced the buckle with a gold double-pronged one that I found, and attached big loops that I purchased at an automotive supply store.

The wig was a puffy cheap looking light purple wig with pigtails attached to the top. Chobrat did most of the initial styling on it, but after how damaged it was after its first con I went in and completely restyled it. The final product was spiked up with hair spray, white glue and silicone caulking. In retrospect I would just stick to the hair spray. The glue was too stiff and the caulking was too heavy, as well as permanent (not to mention what my fingers were like when I was done …).

Personal Alterations:
Sleeves- The art shows one full sleeve and one short sleeve. I decided to make both into full length sleeves with the intent to wear them as 3/4 length sleeves because short ones look silly on me. I may change this aspect in the future if I find it still looks silly on me.
Shoes- I decided I would wear my big black boots instead of black slippers (that are in the artwork) because I felt they matched the character better. Plus I owned the boots already. ^_^
Hood-One day I finally figured out that the funny looking part of the coat in the art was a hood! I didn't like it and so therefore decided not to make it.

I love this costume, but I just wish that it were more travel friendly (the boots are heavy and take up too much space) so I could wear it more often. Now I just need more friends with RO costumes! ^_^


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