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This costume was made for Costume Con 27's Historical Masquerade and is a recreation of Prince Vlad's town suit from Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 film "Dracula," designed by Eiko Ishioka.

I nearly had a meltdown making these two costumes in 3 months, but it was so worth it. They are incredible and I'm so glad I decided to make them!! Plus, I think these are the first recreations of Mina's and Vlad's town outfits that I've seen.

Trousers and Suspenders: Vlad's trousers are made from light grey superfine wool in the standard high-waisted Victorian style, with button fly, hook and bar closure, split waistband and back buckle. I chose to make tubular pants rather than fitted due to the slack shown in the references. Though not seen in the original, I have also made suspenders out of grey silk satin and leather, with an elastic back.

Frock Coat: Vlad Prince Albert style frock coat has large lapels faced with silk satin and decorative buttonholes. It has a single button closure below the waistline and is lined in silk satin for the top and silk georgette for the skirt. The back flaps of the skirt are quite unique. Ishioka's design features a single-piece back panel that lays atop each side back panel in the middle of the skirt. I had to hand pattern the flap and alter the skirt pattern to recreate the look. I also hand patterned the collar and altered the lining and lapels, and lengthened the entire coat to fit the model's height. Buttons were covered in matching wool fabric.

Shirt, Cuffs and Collar: I altered the shirt pattern to make a pull-over style shirt with extra gathers in the back and more length on the bottom, and hand patterned the shield front and button-down closures. Cuffs were elongated to peek out of the coat sleeves and I made the collar with front tabs for the collar stud. Collar was stiffened with starch and pressed into a Wing-tip style. All three were made from cotton sateen, then dyed grey, with the cuffs lighter and the collar darker than the shirt, as shown in the original. Links and studs were purchased.

Vest and Cravat: The pattern was altered to allow a lower neckline and double-breasted button closure, and has a back buckle. I hand patterned the scooped collar and hidden pockets. The vest is made of silk satin, with silk georgette for the lining, and buttons were covered in matching fabric. Cravat is informal length (45 inches) and is made of 100% silk, dyed dark grey. Though the original has a checked pattern, I thought it best to leave the cravat a single color, for worry of distressing the silk. The cravat is pinned into place with a silver double-headed eagle pin. This insignia is actually the official coat of arms for many Eastern European countries, including Russia and Armenia, and the Byzantine Empire.

Shoes: There are no available references of Vlad's shoes, but given the historic resources, I opted for a black patent leather lace-up shoe. Recreation shoes were quite expensive, and since the model wears a size 14 dress shoe, I thought it the best option.

Hair: Though the Victorian style is short, Vlad has long hair styled in waves, but still keeps it parted at the center. I achieved the look by using a wig. Facial hair is cut precisely as seen.

Gloves: Due to the model's irregular hand size and long fingers, leather gloves could not be purchased. I attempted to make a pair, but the leather I had purchased was too thick. I decided to use cotton gloves and dye them grey for recreation's sake, and I feel they complete Vlad's look very nicely.

Hat: This was my first foray into hat making. Using a top hat pattern by Lynn McMasters, I used Peltex Pellon for the hat instead of buckram, due to a suggestion by a fabric store employee that it was sturdier and easier to work with. The hat was machine sewn, padded with flannel and covered in grey felt (silk beaver was unavailable, and felt mimics the appearance), then lined in silk satin and trimmed with a grey satin ribbon. I had to lengthen the crown sides to nine inches to achieve the stovepipe hat that Vlad wears.

Cane: The cane was drastically altered. The resin wolf's head handle was removed from the metal cane body and placed on a body of wood, painted black, with a leather stopper. The actual cane handle is an ornate dragon, but expensive to purchase, so I opted for a wolf instead.

Glasses: Vlad wear silver pince-nez with blue glass. Authentic vintage pince-nez were purchased and the glass painted blue with glass stain (and is easily removable).

Underpinnings: Drawers were hand patterned and constructed out of cotton linen, with a button front and a split waistband. They are fitted to provide the slimmest figure. Socks are black cotton socks with an elasticized band at the top.


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