Angela Miller

Resident Evil: Degeneration



I made this dress for one of Blitzfox's wonderful videos, and I had the honor of having her as my Leon at Otakon 2009! She's an absolute sweetheart and I'm so thankful for her friendship! <3

About the dress: it was HEAVILY modified from a pattern that I found... (much more heavily than I had originally intended, eeeep) and the ruffles were a right pain in the bum. I found the material at Joanns shortly after Degeneration came out... because I knew that I wanted to cosplay Angela eventually (her hair is so similar to mine), I just didn't have the money at the time to do her tactical version (though I still plan on cosplaying it in the future!).

I was really surprised that people actually recognized the dress at Otakon. I didn't get a lot of photos since Blitzfox and I were filming, but I'll post what I have for now until I can get some nice outdoor photos :)


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Series Resident Evil: Degeneration
Character Angela Miller
Variant Purple Dress Version (end of movie)


Alexiel10 Ahhh you look so pretty!!

ERICTHEDIRECTOR it was great meeting you at otakon (I was the Leon hanging out with Blitzfox