Kefka Palazzo

Final Fantasy VI

This cosplay is kinda old, it was one of the hardest cosplays I'd made back then, & I had a lot of problems making it. However, I really liked the result, unfortunately I wasn't able to take many pictures x.x; I took images from the illustrations & the CGI to make out the costume o.o; someday I might fix it up a bit & take more pics, but since this isn't really the type of character I usually cosplay (I just became obsessed with him so I had to cosplay him!), I haven't done that yet. It was quite fun to cosplay as Kefka, though, because he's so different from me XDDD but, it was kind of tiring trying to smile evilly like him x.x;;;
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Series Final Fantasy VI
Character Kefka Palazzo

p1ng666 yay kefka!