Ada Wong

Resident Evil 4



◊ Cost: 50€
◊ Making time: 20 Hours

[2009 vers.]
I made this dress with coton and fabric painting, it wasn't simple for me but I kinda like the result. It was so fun to wear it at JE, I love wearing this dress and I met the conceptors of Resident Evil who congratulated me for my cosplay. It was the most amazing experience in my cosplayer life cause I'm a huge fan of RE. I was invited on the Biohazard stand by Masachika Kawata and Kentaro Noguchi for posing on the Darkside promotional time as I'm Ada. I was so shimy, very impressive to meet them! XD But, definitly a big honnor for me. They were so nice and friendly with me !

[2013 vers.]
Because I'm a huge fan of RE, and of Ada of course, I wanted for long time to redo a shoot with this costume. During my summer breack, I redone some parts of the costume; the holster, the necklace, the shoes, the wig, and refresh the dress. But I wanted to keep the same dress, I'm turned a little emotional on this costume. When the last resident evil 6 came out, make me a huge shoc because I REALLY love this one and Ada/Leon plays a big part on this opus. I was very happy for this shooting to work again with Kaicom, because I know he's also crazy about Biohazard that I am. It was easy for us to find ideas for the photos and we tried our best to make a very good work. I think we done well, I love the result and my old dress look like not too bad on it.


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Series Resident Evil 4
Character Ada Wong
Variant RE4 Bitch in red dress


Angel-Swater wouah splendide j'adore de trop c'est le top du top

kyo s kennedy OMG WOW i love

Daya ~ Kairi i love it *-*

Mr.Parker Hihi "RE4 Bitch in red dress" - i like this description and the cos as well. Looking good as always and the character really fits you.

cerezos congratulations you look great¡¡¡¡¡:3

fly_aguilera sexy!

Arc2k Oo c'est beau =) Enfin ya qu'une petite photo pour l'instant mais bon ^^