Elhaym (Elly) van Houten




The costume took months to make, but this photo makes it worth it! It's my first serious costume and it really tested my skills and I feel I've developed a lot with it. The costume costed me around 400 dollars more or less, and I made a lot's of parts several times.

The wig is a Orange (Sepia) Wig Ivy from Cosworx, and it was my first styling job ever! (I've only once cut real hair, and I can't really call that styling.) I really feel proud of how it came out, I think it has that manga look!

I also feel proud not only for the costume but for wearing it though I cosplay at conventions in Sweden. The game, Xenogears, which this character comes from, was never released in europe so it was really few who recognized me, and therefor really few who appreciated it.

well that's pretty much it that I want to say ^^ Enjoy!


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Series Xenogears
Character Elhaym (Elly) Van Houten


Nayru-chan You did an awesome job with the costume! :3 And yeah, it's a pity not many people know Xenogears. It's such a great game. >w<

TokuTenshi Oh my gosh! Its Elly! I was looking at SongofAmazon's SERAMYU Sailor Mercury pictures for reference for making my Mars costume and saw your little icon on your comment and instantly freaked out. I only recently got into Xenogears since I am helping with a fandub of it and had been toying with the idea of cosplaying Elly, but you really did a great job here. the wig is especially nice.