Juuni Kokki (Twelve Kingdoms)



At AX, this was pretty ghetto: fail obi was too long, pants were totally the wrong colour (what happens when you have to dye a Plan B pair the night before), lacked the belt, skirt needed fixing, and wig was too light relative to Kaasan's Youko. For a dry run, though, it wasn't awful.

Fixed it up for Kcon: new wig, cut down the obi, finished the belt and the button-clasp for the jacket. The pants and boots still aren't done.

Have decided that if one person outside my group recognises me per con, I'm happy. XD So far, so good.

Costume materials: muslin, linen/cotton blend, cotton sateen, dupioni silk, quilter's cotton (for the gold trim, hehe), gold buttons, raw silk, cotton twill, brushed denim, and crappy polyester stretch-satin because I didn't want to use good stuff for the obi when I was doing the slapdash draft and I actually like how the colour turned out. :3 The pants and the shoes are the only two purchased items: shoes are cotton-soled black kung-fu slippers, while the pants were fuschia rayon overdyed with black to somehow come out dark purple. Fastened with snaps, frogs, and cord-wrap at the buttons.

Still need to redo the obi, which is the last 5%. Sword's done as of AX 2009, scabbard is WIP, and boots haven't been touched, but I'm counting those three things under novel-cover Risai and not towards this percentage.


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Series Juuni Kokki (Twelve Kingdoms)
Character Risai
Variant formal outfit


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