Magician Girl of Black Chaos




This costume is an original design of an apprentice character for the Magician of Black Choas in YuGiOh. It took about a month to construct, and was barely finished in time for the con I was to compete with it.

Everything was made by me with the exceptions of the gloves, boots and pentacle (though the boots were altered). There wasn't really a hardest or easiest part, most of it was pretty challenging. The hat had to be made twice, as did the sleeves. All of the straps were tacked down and re-sewn at least three times trying to get them to fit correctly. The orb of the staff has three LED lights and does light up. My makeup was mixed to match the teal fabric in the slits of the pants.


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Series Yu-Gi-Oh!
Character Magician Girl of Black Chaos
Variant Original


dalbkino Amazing! I love it! XD