B.B. Hood or Bulleta




I made this costume in a night to go with my sister, Dali-Lamb's Felicia costume, as well as our friend, Frobischer's Donovan Baine. It was a fun little group to take pictures with.

There are still things I want to do with this costume, like actually get an Uzzi for it instead of the guns I have.

B.B. Hood fits my personality completely; she looks so innocent but's she so very delivish. Most people think I look about ten years my junior and that I'm a naive little innocent. *moon eyes* If only they really knew me...


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Series Darkstalkers
Character B.B. Hood or Bulleta
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Kiokii This is great, especially for being made in one night! I am wanting to do a BB Hood cosplay myself, but haven't been able to find a suitable hood pattern. May I ask what you used? It's perfect!