Sailor Moon R



This cosplay kept falling apart! My fan broke, the top of the necklace fell off and the jewels kept peeling &gt;_<. Almost all the work went into the jewels which we styrofoam painted several times with green and a green pearl paint. The beading was a pearl string which fought me all the way. Our Saphir made all the black moons for us. The fan and wig were bought from ebay. I lot of bad pics in this but I did have a great time. It looked best in person although it isn't my best costume. Maybe if I had access to other materials and made the point at the top of the boots. Ahh but I knew it was going to be a one wear cosplay. I got a lot of 'OMG it's Esmeraude/Emerald!' which was fun.


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Last Updated 12 years ago
Created 13 years ago
Series Sailor Moon R
Character Esmeraude
Variant Anime/Manga


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