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I loved my scythe so much last year I decided to come back--but with a staff, as 9-foot scythe + 8-foot car + 6 hour drive to AX = NOT FUN. It was just as fun to make the clown this year as it was last year (for those who know I worship my clowns). I will be putting pocky in the fingers of this new clown as well, if anyone at AX wants to experience the "pocky fingers." XD

Main Outfit: Maroon paper boy hat, long-sleeve, light blue turtleneck, black slacks, black boots, and an extra-long ace bandage.
Accessories: Hair spray and a staff (one wrapping paper tube, cardboard, hot glue, and Sharpies).

Original debut/retirement: FanimeCon 2007 (May 27)/AX2007 (July 1) -- [has since been resurrected]


@Ari Sky
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Series Hunter x Hunter
Character Kaitou
Variant Roulette #3: Staff


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