Summoner Yuna

Final Fantasy X



I tend to like Japanese-styled clothing, so Yuna was the first character who came to mind when I thought about who to cosplay.

To explain why I have pictures from Fanime and yet changed the completion to 70%, I'm redoing everything but the obi and shirt--the sleeves will be longer, drape better, and hopefully be dyed this time. The skirt will be re-pleated. And last but not least, I will be redoing the pattern on the skirt and finish in time to crash a local Halloween contest.

Also, I need to get new boots since Yuna's are much lower than mine--her boot-heels are only around an inch high, and mine are a whopping THREE INCHES. It killed me at Fanime :D. They're getting worn out, anyway.

I'll also redo the staff head in Art class next year since it's a little too small.


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Summoner Yuna
Variant Summoner


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