Malice Mizer



This costume was awful to wear, and the shoes are so uncomfortable, but it was so fun (getting through doors are the best thats for sure), this was also the time that I learned that wasps are attracted to feather boas.

My wig for this outfit kept having a hissy fit, so eventually i changed it.

This was the best outfit I ever made. While at the time it was awful to wear I was new to the scene and didn't realise how much it would take to wear it. This was not only the first costume I ever made it was also the first costume I ever entered the masquerade with.

While now it is nothing more then a skirt and top in a box somewhere, I still have very fond memories of making this with my mother and all the possibilities that were to come from this new world of cosplaying. More a nostalgic memento then an amazing outfit.


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Series Malice Mizer
Character Mana
Variant Merveilles


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