Angel Sanctuary



This was so far my most expensive and complex costume...
also, the one i made in the shortest time!
just 2 weeks... it's a big record for me...

Everything is like a dream here, the wings, the coat, the contacts... oh my~ it's REALLY a dream that came true ~^-^~

And with this costume, i won the "WCS Brazilian Eliminatory" and got the permit to go to Japan, represent Brazil at the "World Cosplay Summit 2006" (Nagoya, Aichi Ken, Japan)


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Last Updated 12 years ago
Created 14 years ago
Series Angel Sanctuary
Character Rociel
Variant Tenshi Kinriyoku


Daya ~ Kairi OMG ! Está nos favoritos <3 Adorei seus cosplays !! *----* Um mais lindo que o outro ! :D