Takamina Minami




All of us wanted to match as much as possible so Mia made the patterns for our jackets and gave us fabric swatches to match. Everything is made from cotton, plaid and has a satin trim. Molly painted all of our mics~

I made the wig by cutting and sewing two wigs and their wefts together, I wasnt sure how well it'd come out but Im very happy with it to say the least.

Each time I bring this cosplay I end up forgetting a piece of it at home. First it was the wig and the second time I lost one of my gloves so I improvised and cut up a pair of black leather ones I had on me. I also lost the black skirt I made so I had to go with a black petticoat only, luckly it covers enough and looks alright.


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Series AKB0048
Character Takamina Minami


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