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Hair: I ordered a wig from Ebay and I don't particularly like the color, so I may get a new one before I wear this again. I cut a significant amount of length off of it and gave it bangs.
Necklace: This thing made me so mad. I found a shell that would've been perfect. I painted it white and everything. However, it wouldn't stay on the black string, so I ended up sewing a really small white roundish piece of fabric and attached it to the string early the morning of the con.
Dress: Made from New Look's ... I altered it just a little bit to add the zippers (those are from orgxiii.org), do the staggering at the bottom, add a hood, and remove the top part on the pattern. For the white part, I actually made that go throughout the dress as lining so the dress wouldn't be see-through. I added a bit of lace to the top for the back as well.
Bracelets: These were made out of fabric that I had lying around, really simple.
Bag: My boyfriend helped me with this. He made the bag using the bags that were on his Sora pants as reference and I attached the snaps to it. I made the belt using rectangular rings and some hooks I got at Michael's.
Shoes: I bought off-brand Converse from Target (Walmart didn't have any high-tops) that were tie-dyed pink originally and painted them with a mixture of purple and pink fabric paint, black sharpie, and some white fabric paint to achieve the look Kairi's have.


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