Rikku-chan as Asami Sato

Asami Sato

Legend of Korra

Book 2

Cosplayer: Rikku-chan
When first watching LoK, I was worried I wouldn't connect with a character well enough to want to cosplay them...but the more and more we got to know Asami, I fell to her charms! Not only did her 20's-esque glam have me at "hello", I felt really connected to Asami on a personal level. Her season 2 concept art really got me itching to cosplay her...so, I tackled my first structured jacket (which took 5 days of work ENTIRELY by itself) and actually proved to myself that I -AM- capable of sewing complicated things!

Jacket is made of a dark grey moleskin (that, much to my dismay, likes to photograph black T_T). It's hem features piping and the collar has decorative hand stitching along the half circles. Interfacing became my best friend.

The dress is long sleeved with a turtleneck and pleating. It has a long zipper in the back for easy in and out. It's also made of a lovely stretch knit that has a great earthy texture that still looks refined enough for Asami!

The spats are made of the same moleskin as the jacket and also feature piping along the hem. I will be replacing my crappy boots! XD