Final Fantasy X-2



My FINAL version of this costume!! The first version I made back in 2004/05. I felt it was about time I made the costume like I've always wanted to, especially since Rikku is my ultimate favorite character and what got me into cosplay! ^^

Bikini was constructed using foam push-up cups covered in yellow fabric that featured the same weave as seen in the CG renders of Rikku. I used orange roll elastic to trim the bikini and spandex as the back strap. The neck strap is black elastic...so the whole bikini top is pretty comfy! Sadly...I apparently can't fit bra cups right so I have to double-stick tape them to my body XP.

The skirt is made of 2 way stretch fabric that features a similar fabric weave to Rikku's CG renders. It was quite easy to sew and even easier to put on and wear!! It also features her two little seams that were hand sewn in.

The sleeves are BY FAR my favorite part of this costume!! The fabric I found was just PERFECT. I lined the sleeves so they would be more opaque than the bows (and they're super comfy!). The bows were fray-checked then attached to the sleeves. I'm sooo happy they have a similar transparent quality to hers!

The scarf is my old scarf from 2004/05. I'll probably be unbraiding the tassels and making them look more accurate.

Made from one wig and clip on extension ponytail. Detachable ponytail (made from clip on w/removed clip and reattached with my own method). Base wig was stubbed and the extra hair was turned into wefts. Beads are wooden and painted with acrylic and gloss paint and the holes were hand widened to fit in the braids. Wig was hand razored. This thing eats bottles of Motion Oils Sheen spray like noooo other.


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Rikku
Variant Thief


SweetheartRinoa Definitely the best Rikku that I've seen :)

Mao_Melissa You are the cute & spunky Rikku that we all love! FFX was my true introduction to Final Fantasy games so the nostalgia brings a smile to my face. I loved the bright colors and location...the way the characters were so vibrant & defied their fates. You always look so confident and comfortable as Rikku. I hope to be the FFX version one day, but Rikku is so different from my personality :)

NytenGale It's been a while since i saw your first version at ACEN YEARS ago...i didn't know you then but loved your riku. hol shit lady, this is AMAZING! I love your riku even more!! ;3

Gummibar This is beautiful! I am crazy about the bright colors of the photos. I love the work and detail you put into this updated version of Thief Rikku. Keep up the good work!

neo_shadow_bat Apparently I can't spell... Awesome Rikku!

neo_shadow_bat *Aplause*