Wonder Woman

DC Comics



Based off of Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman. I saw it and loved it as it was a break from her traditional booty shorts. plus i like complicating things with armour and stupid gladiator skirts lol

all armour bits are the efforts of gluing vinyl to foam. it was fun to make the chest piece. used an old bra as a base, attached brown vinyl straps and then covered it with gold vinyl. added the eagle design on top of it. i think it's my favourite piece of armour right now. gauntlets can separate via zipper which is a huge relief vs lacing them up all the time.

red top is a knit material. skirt is made out of vinyl...a lot of vinyl. each strip is individual...i don't know how many in total. white stars are 3D and made out of sculpey which was pressed into a mold then cut to shape. the skirt was the most time consuming part since each panel needed a star, backing sewn on...it is a pretty heavy skirt. thanks to mum and lilaznfreak for helping me pin and sew those panels D:

oh yes...i have golden lasso as well :D can't see it but it's there.

i had meant to make her boots and Medusa's head but time escaped me once again. hopefully in the future i will get to these.

total time: 2 weeks
cost: $50


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