Jun Kazama




No one has any idea how excited I was when I found out Harada was bring Jun back to the Tekken series. And from the moment I heard she was back in TTT2, I knew I was going to cosplay her, no matter the design.

The body suit was hand sewn without much of a pattern. I sort of used one for the bottom part, then form fit the rest. The birds on the jumpsuit, as well as the flowers on the shawl were hand painted by Dorian. From what I understand it took much more than several hours and was definitely a labour of love on his part.

I know the sandals are perfect, but I got very lazy when it came time to modding them, so I decided they were close enough and left them the way they were.

I love this costume, It's pretty comfy as far as cosplay goes. I can't wait to wear it again.


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Series Tekken
Character Jun Kazama
Variant Tekken Tag Tournament 2


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