Painted Doll

The Devil's Carnival



Personal Thoughts:
Being a huge fan of both REPO! The Genetic Opera and Emilie Autumn how could I not make Emilie Autumn's character's costume for when I went and saw the show!? It was extremely difficult to figure out what this costume looked like from the waist down. I looked at some fanart of people that have seen the movie and just kind of... guessed. Of course now that I've seen the movie I need to revamp a lot of the outfit to make it more accurate to the on screen version. Also, since this was made in about 2 hours before I hopped on the plane, I didn't get to age and grime it up like I wanted to. <br /&gt;
<br /&gt;
SO this is version 1.0!

Construction Notes:

Made in about 2 hours before I left for SDCC 2012! I couldn't go to The Devil's Carnival in costume! Top is made of thick cotton, boned in the front so the eyelets wouldn't bunch. It's laced with cut muslin. The bits on the shoulders is just tulle and lace gathered and hand stitched on. Skirt is just lots of gathered tulle. I realize now, that the actual movie version has a small cage/ half hoop skirt to keep the skirt/tutu horizontal. Belt I owned. Shorts are from Yoko. Tights and gloves were purchased. Oh and I lost my hair piece during the show before I was able to get some photos. OOPS!<br /&gt;


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