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ok. guess it's time for a little updating XD this was a very comfortable, easy to move in costume. i had little adjustments to do and it is super fun to wear.

I'll start off with the green kimono top part. very comfy to wear and fairly easy to make. hardest part was adjusting the length so that it was long enough to cover my shorts and short enough it didn't hit my boots XD green fabric was fabric i bought in anticipation that i would use it for something since i just loved that shade of green. sleeves were pretty easy to make up since i was essentially missing one side and the other had a gaping hole for the shoulder.

belts were fun to make. the large green sash was the only new piece of fabric i bought for this whole costume o.O amazing lol black belt was some scraps of black sport material and a a black strip of twill tape that attaches in front with a snap buckle.

sais holders were easier to make than I thought and can come on and off the belt.

mask is made of fimo sculpting clay. teeth is made of foam and eye pieces are actually lenses from the 3D glasses you get in i could go watch a 3D movie with this mask XD

boots were old knee highs that i had laying around XD undershirt was just a black turtle neck. green strips of fabric is scraps again wrapped around the gloves.

total cost of this costume i would say under $20.
time to make: 1 week


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Series Young Justice
Character Cheshire


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