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As with all of my Lolita co-ords, this outfit is not considered "cosplay," but I wanted to post photos of it here, since I'm not on LiveJournal.

Co-ord Head-to-Toe:

- The fascinator was made by aPassionForPetals on Etsy. I added some cream-colored feathers to make it pop and tie my co-ord together.
- The blouse was purchased from Qutieland. It is an R-Series Corridors of Voice Blouse.
- I found the brooch at a nearby craft store. I thought it went perfectly with the theme!
- The JSK is an Infanta Black Sugar Tea Vintage JSK, which also purchased from Qutieland.
- I made the bracelet myself using a leather strap and spinning copper flower accessory. It's fun to play with, haha!
- I purchased the shoulder bag online, but I can't remember the brand or seller - sorry!
- The petticoat is my usual Kidsyoyo "A-shape Magic Petticoat" purchased from QutieLand years ago.
- I found the vertical striped tights at Wal-Mart of all places. Lucky!
- The boots were also purchased from Qutieland. They are An*tai*na Ribbons Sugar Boots in Dark Brown.



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xXMachikoXx OMG This is so cool and you look so awesome *_*

Ammie Aw, a Steampunk lolita! It's so gorgeous! Everything thing is wonderful about this costume! I love the vintage look of Steampunk mixed with the lolita elegance XD

WildAngel58 This is ridiculously cute. I love it! <3