Takuto Kira

Full Moon o Sagashite



This cosplay debuted at Kawaii Kon 2012 which was from March 16-18, 2012 at the Hawaii Convention Center.

I decided to cosplay Takuto because my friends wanted to do a Full Moon cosplay. I am the only one willing to crossplay so I'm the one who always gets stuck dressing up as the boy characters. Not that I mind though because I hate the super revealing costumes that most girl characters wear.

I really love this costume because I always wanted to cosplay a character that had wings! I also worked very hard on getting the costume done. There were so many details to worry about like the hat, gloves, jacket and wings! I was still working on this cosplay the night before the convention!!!

I also love this costume because I got to cosplay as part of a trio again! Full Moon was one of my very first anime/manga and I still adore it to this very day. I always preferred Takuto over Eichi so I was very happy to cosplay him. ;)

Our trio had tons of pictures taken when we wore this cosplay. We were constantly stopped for pictures. Thanks for all your wonderful support and compliments at Kawaii Kon 2012 everyone!

I don't think I would try to improve anything on this cosplay. The only thing I might tweak is the yellow strap on the outer jacket. It kept falling off all the time. I think I need to use velcro instead of those tiny hooks that I used... Other than that though, I think my cosplay was pretty spot on and I am VERY pleased with how it turned out! :D

Oh, and yes, I finally got to use my real hair for a cosplay at last! I was so relieved that I didn't have to wear another wig! It required a lot of crazy hairspray and tweaking to make it look like I had bangs since I have none though. XD

(BTW, thank you to my mom for helping me sew the jacket. I sewed all the details for everything by hand though. /is finally improving her sewing skills)


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Series Full Moon o Sagashite
Character Takuto Kira


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