Tifa Lockheart

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children



A 100% self made!
Top: A white low scoop neck is undershirt which is very close to the one Tifa wears in Final Fantasy VII.
Vest: A black pleather vest with a mettle zip up complete with front and back darts for a nice fit.
Short: Feature full foot long poly ribbons, as well as pockets and button closure. Is stretch poplin bottom wight which fits smoothly with any curves.
Half dress: 100% Linen, with 8 full rectangles in the bottom half of the skirt to give it flare. It also has an invisible belt loops so that it can be removed from the shorts.
Apron: A pleather two pocket apron that has invisible belt loops as well so it can be worn with any other outfit. Button toppers are glued onto the sides as accents.
Gloves: Leather gloves, in loved condition. :)
Wig: self styled.


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Series Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Character Tifa Lockheart


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