I made this Griffith costume two years after the Falcon of Millenium armour (probably the most difficult Griffith costume which drank a lot of my blood literally and figuratively). But Griffith is my most favorite character of all time so I'm always eager to return to his cosplay.

This armour was taken from 'Golden Age: anime guide-book' and it doen't have any similar versions in manga and anime. But I've really liked its desing and thought that I would manage to make it for Ichiharu 2012 in time. This armour really turned out to be of medium diffficulty so I quite enjoyed making of its details. The biggest problem I faced was to find materials for a shirt, pants and a cloak which matched each other in color.

I made the whole armour before the festival but unfortunatelly didn't have time to work on my saber, so I'll make it more accurately for photoshoot.

Defile video [March 2012]:


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Series Berserk
Character Griffith
Variant Golden Age: anime guide-book armour


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