Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



Oh well... jajajaj this is a mess, jajajaja

Rinoa´s costume was my dream since childhood, I wanted to make it since I was 11 years old.

10 years later, I managed to make it.

The duster and armwarmers, were made with a fabric I found on a store..... that makes the ilusion of the canals like if it were a sweter. The skirt was made by hand, and added the bottons.

the zippers on the shorts, were gold instead of silver... a little mistake I made xD
and the top is a simple black tank top.

another detail was the wig, I try to stylize it, but next day during the photo secion, was a mess... jaja I'll cut it and style.

This is my dream, to be a perfect Rinoa... i don't look like her, but I try my best.

I'd like to thank to Dreams Station, for the photosesion. She makes and amazing work with the pics :D

Well, Is been a long time since I make the photosecion... During a very bad period I decided to have a little change... so Icut my hair and painted as Rinoa's hair style... So I don't need the wig anymore, for a while.

I had new pictures of Rinoa's costume, from my journey to Monterrey's Animex event. it was an amazing experience!


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Rinoa Heartilly
Variant Classic Outfit


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