Sakura Hime

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



Well this was last minute! I made it two weeks before the gathering because I couldnt think of what to wear and Id been wanting to cosplay Sakura for quite a while.

At first I made the dress with a thicker fabric, but the way the skirt gathered was way too heavy and bulky, so I re-did the bottom with white swim fabric. The gold is all the same fabric I used for Synchronicity. I never want to make bias tape from something that frays so much again. OTL

The gems were my first time resin casting! Im pretty satisfied with how they turned out. I didnt have nearly enough time or molds to make all of them though, only enough to go around the choker.

I also need to attach them some other way than glue. Geh.

Her feather is just a white turkey feather trimmed and painted with red acrylic. c:


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura Hime
Variant Dream dress


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