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Another costume I've wanted to do for years; Yuki-onna is one of my favourite folktales from Japan, ever since I first saw Kwaidan.

The white hikizuri (trailing skirt) kimono is a vintage dance piece that was a super lucky find; it has silver snowflakes all down the skirt and sleeves. It's the only part I didn't make.

The sheer uchikake (sometimes referred to as a 'hagoromo') is covered with hand-couched silver cord in traditional snowflake patterns.

The obi is silvery-grey crinkle fabric with an overlay of two layers of white organza with shiny threads sandwiched between, and I also made the juban (underkimono) with decorative silver lace collar.

I waffled a lot about whether to go for a more simple, pre-Edo style with straight hair and narrow obi worn low (like in Kwaidan) or a fancier Edo style with wide obi and updo. Since my lacefront wig didn't arrive in time, I ended up doing a combination. I felt confident doing this since I had recently seen a Kabuki play in which eras were mixed in this way (Edo-style kimono dressing mixed with much older hairstyle).


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anuenue_mirage Hey, Sarcasm! It's The Lady Ashuko from IG. I was so surprised to see that you were a member here and, as you know, I think this is an amazing costume. Thought I'd say hi. ^///^