Riddel Viper

Chrono Cross



My friends were doing a Chrono Cross group and I decided to be Riddel. I love the colors in her design and had never made anything with the mermaid dress shape before so I was interested in that challenge.

I heavily modified a Butterick wedding dress pattern for the base dress, which is fully lined and made with matte casa fabric. The sleeves were designed freehand and all of the appliqué "petals" were done with four layers of fabric fused together and painstakingly satin stitched along the edge of each alternating color and finally topstitched to the base dress and sleeves. The headband is handmade from leftover dress fabric and matching blue ribbon, and the viper is made from Sculpty, painted, and screwed on to the headband base. The Rainbow Rod staff is a PVC pipe base spray painted silver and accented with black electrical tape, topped with a red ball from the home decor section of Target and the top shape carved from insulation foam, primed and spray painted. The hardest part of the project was fitting the mermaid shape base dress; I fitted it and took the seams in at least half a dozen times. I'm pretty happy with how this came out; I love the appliqué petals a lot, though I think the base dress should be taken in and reshaped once again.


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Character Riddel Viper


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