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Peter Pan



My dad made me the dagger. It is made out of wood and is actually about 7 pieces.

The costume was based more off Disneyland's Peter. So the hat has a pouch to stick the feather in and the petals are straight instead of curved.

I used ears originally, but now I am questioning if I should wear them again. I noticed that the Disneyland Peters do not and Peter isn't an elf or fairy.

I used 2 tights that I purchased from, because 1 was just too see-through. The moccasins where bought from a store outside of Knott's Berry Farm. They are super comfy! The tunic and hat are lined and the belt is made out of suede. I will make the sheath for my dagger by the next time I wear it!

Tinkerbell was purchased at the Disneystore a few years ago.


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Ryoko-and-Yami I believe I used a halloween tunic pattern and modified the sleeves and ends. I think I had another pattern for the collar.

CheruChan Mind if I asked what pattern you used for your tunic? Or did you just create one yourself?