Celtic Warrior




My husband suggested I do a costume from Skyrim. Didn’t have time for that, but it did inspire me to pull this together.

Tunic, vest, pants, and two of the belts – came from Value Village (my fav thrift store.)

Leg warmers – I made them from a fuzzy pillow cover. I put an elastic in at the top to hold them up. Then tied black cord around them to give more texture.

Cloak – bought last year post Halloween sales. I added some plaid material to spruce it up.

Long belt – made at a workshop at a con.

Bag – is one I bought years ago at a con.

Half skirt – just a different plaid material tucked into a belt.

Gauntlets – made from a belt.

Cloak pin – the clasp from the same belt I used for the gauntlets.

Shoulder guard – bought at Value Village from their Halloween stock.


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Character Celtic Warrior


Bluehentrooper I love seeing your costumes. Your creativity is impressive, especially since you thrift the costumes a much as possible. Great job!

StygianVI Cool!