Blood_Sword as Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha


Original kimono

Cosplayer: Blood_Sword
This costume came to be very spontaneously. The truth is that I had originally planned to debut another costume at Matsucon but, because of weather, I changed it on the last minute. I had to quickly come up with a replacement cosplay (the con was only a couple days away) and almost everything I owned were either too cold, too hot or in needs of repairs/update. I suddenly remembered that I had my Sharingan lenses lying around and thought thay "hey, why not throw together a suitable original outfit and do Itachi?".
So yeah, in a sense this is a closet cosplay because everything I'm wearing is stuff I already owned, mainly from my vintage kimono collection. I collect and wear traditional Japanese clothes as one of my other hobbies so, whenever I get a chance to mix my hobbies together, I do so. ^^

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I have cosplayed Itachi Uchiha at:
2017 • Matsucon in Oulu, Finland.
2017 • Euran Mangapäivä in Eura, Finland.