Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter



Skirt – found at a thrift store.

Shirt – just a white shirt I have.

Tie – bought at Party City.

Sweater – I bought a plane grey sweater from a thrift store. I then stitched the gold and red(ish) yarn for the Gryffindor colours.

Scarf – I crocheted a pair of these for my husband and I.

Robes – adapted Simplicity 5840. I didn’t have a lot of material because I found it at a thrift store so the hood doesn’t go back as far and the robes aren’t as full as the pattern.

Wand – bought at Halloween at Value Village (it’s Savers in the US.)

Wig – I’ve had this for years. Bought at Value Village at Halloween. Super cheap wig, but looks good.


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Series Harry Potter
Character Ginny Weasley


Maurishio-kun You really made something beautiful with closet clothes, and I also love that you chose a not very common character outside of the main trio <3