Mayl Sakurai

Megaman Battle Network



I was asked to make Mayl for Takerucoh's MM BN group and it was so simple and cute I decided to make it~
Kinda bummed I had eye problems and couldn't wear my brown contacts for the shoot, but it happens U_U

Wig: Same wig as used for Anju, with bangs styled to the side.
Hairpiece: Half of a plastic sphere I had, painted with pink nail polish. Yellow triangle is craft foam.
Vest: I wanted to get a lil techno-y since MM is so virtual, so I made the vest out of blue vinyl. I also added neckline darts and lots of top stitching to make it more exciting. It's self-faced to make it really stiff. Black satin for the closure area, it snaps closed.
Shirt: Mint is single knit, two part sleeve with self-faced for the cuff detail.
Skirt: Twill, with pockets and side zipper. Also made it really triangular to play up the cutesy vibe!!
Owned the shoes and thigh highs already!
PET was given to me by my group mates!

THIS IS SUCH A COMFY COSTUME, I can actually help people and freely walk. I'm not used to it but I welcome it greatly!!


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Series Megaman Battle Network
Character Mayl Sakurai


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