Nonon Jakuzure

Kill la Kill



So Nonon it self was more of try and I doubt I'll be doing something similar right away again. I much more prefer my armors and suits to dresses like these. I also doubt I would have made the costume without the character because I kind of like Nonon. Originally I would've wanted to make her Regalia Grave but didn't think I had enough time for Cosvision.

I couldn't find a light enough fabric and couldn't afford to wait around to order some online so I dyed the light blue fabrics. First time dying, so nervous and I'm just glad it was something this easy. The hat is made simply from cardboard, skull is finnfoam and jogamatress, the wings, buttons etc. are cut from a PVC board. The hat has hooks inside to keep it fastened on to the wig and I had a separate pocket for my stuff under my skirt. The prop is a wooden stick with a finnfoam ball-base and a thin hose I cut in half glued around it. I think what I really liked making most was the underskirt, and I can't wait to use the cutting technique on some other more complicated design. The one thing I'm proud of is the collar front, the black appliqué.


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Series Kill la Kill
Character Nonon Jakuzure


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