Summoner Dona

Final Fantasy X



Final Fantasy X is one of my all-time favorite games, and at some point during my second playthrough - or maybe while playing the sequel FF X-2 - I looked at Dona and thought, this design is so ridiculous, someone should have the guts and cosplay this!

When Anna (katrinkleeblatt) told me about her little FF X side character / summoner group, and my original plans for Connichi fell through, I decided it would be fun to join them as Summoner Dona. And it was :)

I had lots of fun working on this costume - you know how sometimes you have all these big costuming projects all planned out and you have to force yourself to finish them, and then along comes a new costume that you really WANT to make and that revives your enthusiasm for cosplay? That's what happened with my Dona costume!

Credits to Anke (Gamina) for the bodypaint job, the airbrush makeup worked like a charm!

Cost: EUR 240 / ~ US$ 310


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Summoner Dona


MajesticLunacy A Donna? I love you even more for doing this costume. It's too bad we couldn't have kidnapped you with us to Otakon last summer- we had a gigantic FFX group with almost every character, including 3 Aeons, Cid, Brother, even Elma the Chocobo Knight.