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Cost to make: $70 (minus wig and gloves)

My own original re-design of the Organization XIII coat! I kept this secret so that no one would copy my idea before I could finish it!

The coat is made of a material somewhat similar to what I used for my first Organization coat. But it stretches more and frays like crazy! This was going to be fully lined but the lining and the rest of the coat didn't jive together &gt;<

I did some embroidery on this by putting a small Nobody symbol down near the bottom at the back. Its not quite the size of my hand is done entirely 100% by hand.

The pants are the Twilight Town pants. I took a pair of black jeans and using some material that I found at Value Village for $8, I made pant covers to do the bottom. The beige parts are completely hand-sewn on to the pants!

I entered Fan Expo 2012's masquerade with my friend CosplayCanada as Xemnas. No awards were given to us, partly due to audio issues (as in they started playing it too soon!)

Entry 63 - Bloody Truth

Go here for the video:


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