Mr. Stripey Pants Novice

Assassin's Creed


This cosplay, amazingly, didn't take very long. The outfit itself took about 3 days total, and I made the mace all in one night.

The pants were striped myself. I made a white base, then added 5 black stripes for each leg before sewing them together and adding a front tie instead of a zipper.

The top was actually a bit more complicated. I had to separately hem the front and back since the front didn't have a front seam. Once that was done and put together, I made the cross along the front and added the hood ontop of all of that. Best part about it? I used a sheet instead of fabric. Now not only am I cool during the summer, but warm during the winter!! =D
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Series Assassin's Creed
Character Mr. Stripey Pants Novice
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