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Okay, so I lied, Lightning was going to be my very last cosplay before I went off to College, but I can't help myself!! I fell in love originally with Black★Rock Shooter, mainly because I wanted to make her cannon...but I'd NEVER cosplay as her because of her slutty attire! No thanks! Then I actually say down and watched the was kind of a let-down watching it...but I loved the fight scenes between B★RS and the DM, and thus, fell in love with the Dead Master...mainly because of her scythe!! So, I decided last night, I'll do an easy cosplay and make the Dead Master, and get started on it now, months ahead of Anime punch so I'm not stuck doing it last minute!!
But I'm very excited about this one, and it shouldn't take me very long at all..aside from her Scythe..

Horns: An old headband and wooden spools (medium and Small sized), with many layers of black spray paint.

Claws: Not much of claws..ran out of time to sculpt them, so I just found some long black acrylic nails and hot glued them to some black gloves XD

Shoes: purchased on ebay! So comfortable!

Dress: Taken from the old Orchestra attire that looked like and ugly trash bag on me and cut short, added sleeves and WA-LA! DRESS MADE! <3

Leggings: Purchased from Kohls.

Wings: Not Sure if I'm going to make them yet...We'll see if I have time.

Scythe: The Most Grueling part...Large sheet of aspen plywood cut, sanded and a WHOOPING 16 LAYERS of spray paint. PVC pipe for the Handel, sprayed black. "Bones" made out of craft foam that was cut out.

Wig: Bought from Ebay. Link: N/A


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