Halo 3



Cortana is my dream cosplay :) I've been in love with her since I first played through the halo games.

I've been working on this for a while, but it's slow going as I'm super busy with school and work. The bodysuit is the perfect fabric, I was so happy when I found it. My wig is from Amphigory andI cut and styled it myself.

I'm hoping to have her finished by the summer to bring to my first convention.


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Series Halo 3
Character Cortana


duke_32 Very impressive peace of work. You should be very proud. One of the best.

dalbkino Wow! Great Cortana costume! It's so awesome! :)

cesar eduardo Hi my name is César i'm of Brazil am custume is very cool. Well my msn to contact. ^^ kiss... Msn: [email protected] Msn2:[email protected]

Jersey This looks so awesome!! Very impressive!

Zhor'Fughakee eh lol, I'm working on a Cortana cosplay too, and yours looks amazing, I'm on the paint job, Can't wait to see yours done ! :) Good luck ^^