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Cosplaying Cecille was more a spontaneous idea, I was looking for a character to do for Connichi this year. Because I am terrible shortsighted I was really happy to find a cute character with glasses :D

But oh my...it was so hard and exhausting to make this costume! My aunt wanted to bring me some white textile from vietnam, but in the end it the fabric had a lavender touch. Unfortunatly there was no time and money to buy new one, so in the end I decided to sew the coat out of this stuff :'D

And it is NOT fun to make patterns for the coat! 2 m of newspaper and a lot more fabrics! Ohh...an ironing! Horror! xD

There also wasn't enough time for the costume. I nearly spent every evening before the convention sewing this costume, trying to style the wig and making the wand. Still the wand isn't finished, but for the next shoot it definitly will be! :3

Ohh... I have to fix sooo much! x_x
And I need more photos! :'D


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