Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories



Well... I have to admit that the cloak was bought on the net and not self-made, but at least I added the chain (by the way, sooner or later I guess I'd better replace that white rope that was with the costume with, and fix the chain too...). Kunai are made by me with cernit... hairstyle too... antennae withou glue, since the hair were all mine... what a pain -.-

Logo version here:

Fumettopoli, Milan 22/02/2011; Cartoomics 2011


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Series Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Character Larxene


Samwise32 Alright, recap: 1, you're actually blond and don't need a wig. 2, the cosplay is awesome. 3, you're body-type accurate. Put all of that together and this is one of the best Larxenes I've ever seen!! A+