Chocobo Jockey as Zoey


Left 4 Dead

Cosplayer: Chocobo Jockey
Left 4 Dead was my first (and, to this day) favorite non-Final Fantasy video game experience. And, you know, I don't think I've ever played as anyone other than Zoey......What can I say? She's just awesome.

I found the jacket at a thrift store and altered/distressed it. I used acrylic paint on the whole costume, including the shoes. (Actually, I only wore the shoes for this costume once! They were brand new and all white, and I painted them to look as they do now.)

I made the medkit myself!

This costume isn't complete- I still need to add some details on the costume, and get a wig (since my hair is way too long). But I hope to have it all finished (along with some fellow survivors and zombie friends) by Halloween! =)

UPDATE JULY 2013: Well, I ended up finishing everything I wanted to well before Halloween!! haha I actually made pretty much everything for the whole group....Including the witch, hunter, spitter (besides the mouth), Ellis, and props. I either sewed or altered everything, and then painted it to distress it. I designed the label for the molotov in photoshop, and built the pipe bomb with PVC pipes and some electronics (which, okay, I'll admit, my dad kinda sorta help with the actual electric stuff.....but I made it look pretty! haha).
Distressing costumes is my favorite thing to do, so I had such a blast with this group! =D